Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club

A Paddle for Everyone

An article written by: Hope Pochinko, Red River North Tourism Summer Coordinator

Selkirk is full of things to do. Whether you enjoy field sports, shopping, or even just sightseeing: there’s something for everyone. Would you prefer to be on the water? Then I have the perfect activity for you.

Through July and August, Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club has various activities to keep you and your family entertained.  Youth programs for children ages 8 to 16  take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Here, youngsters learn to paddle, to safely ride in the canoe, how to get themselves back up if they tip, and every step in between. Looking for a summer camp? Each camp teaches 16 kids under constant supervision whether on water or on land.

For those of you who are either interested in being a part of a motivated and dedicated team, or just have a competitive side, the Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club offers dragon boat racing. If you decide to hop aboard the dragon boat, you can expect to compete in the Dragon Boat Festival at The Forks, where you compete against other teams from all over Manitoba.

All ages and skill levels are welcome to learn and continue to grow your kayaking, and canoeing skills. Lessons take place in the estuary, right along the dyke of Selkirk Park. The Estuary is home to gorgeous calm shallow water, and tons of animals to keep you company. The dock is fully accessible, built with handrails and a wheel chair ramp so that you can get onto the craft comfortably and safely. , Other accommodations such as different boat seats are available on request.  Everyone can be safe and enjoy our beautiful river scenery.

Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club is an amazing stop to put on your to-do list either this summer or in the future. If life is too busy to commit to an extended stint at the club drop-in. for $15.00 a person or $40.00 for a family of 5.

So, next time you get the urge to be around the water, consider Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club. They have something fun for everyone!

Another reason to come visit us in the Red River North Region.  It’s All Right Here!