Riverboat Restaurant and Lounge

Article written by: Hope Pochinko

The Riverboat located on Main Street and Eaton is a family restaurant owned by Doug Pourier, the restaurant opened in 1976, at that time, Doug worked as a cook for the previous owners. Throughout the years he worked his way up to management and finally in 1988 became the owner and turned it into the restaurant Selkirk knows and loves today.

Recently due to Covid-19, the Riverboat has had to make some changes to the way that they operate. In order to keep the public and customers safe, they have implemented a new cleaning system, whenever a customer finishes their meals and leaves the table, it is completely sanitized and made ready for the next customer. To keep track of how many tables are clean and how many are dirty, coasters are placed on each clean table, that way no customer is at risk. Another additional precaution that has been taken is that each waitress is required to wear masks while at work.

The Riverboat’s background and staff all help make the experience of going to eat here, something to enjoy. Many of Doug’s staff have been with him for over 10 years, the staff members also include a family of three generations.

However, they still have one more amazing feature that will surely make you want to eat there; the delicious food. Approximately 85% of all the food that is served is all made right in the kitchen, and Doug states that he likes to get all of their food and supplies “from independent companies instead of multinational corporations.” This means that along with a sanitized and healthy environment, they also provide their customers with the best quality food possible.

Some of their most popular items that you must try on their menu are the liver and onions, steak, and their Selkirk famous breakfast. My personal favorite from the Riverboat are the chicken burgers with fries and they’re delicious gravy.  I promise you, if I could I would drink a whole cup of it.

If you’re a foodie or simply looking for a new restaurant to check out. Then you must have a visit to the Riverboat. You won’t be disappointed, and with such a large menu, I assure you that you will find something for everyone!