Poplar Forest and Campground

A Getaway Right In Your Backyard

Hope Pochinko, Summer Coordinator, Red River North Tourism

Summer is a more leisurely time for families to bond and to enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a time for memories to be made to hold close for years to come, to get connected to nature, and refill your vitamin D tanks. If you’re anything like me, life can get hectic. Sometimes so much so, that you lose touch with the beauty of nature around you, and drown in the constant buzz of city life. Sometimes we want to get away but really have no idea where to go.

What if I told you that you could get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, soak up some sun, just outside of Selkirk, a mere 30 minutes away from Winnipeg?  If sounds good to you, then Poplar Forest and Campground could be the next perfect getaway for you and your family!

Poplar Forest sets itself apart from other campgrounds by offering a variety of things to do as well as those extra perks that matter when you are away from home.  Owned and operated by Patti, Peter, and their adorable dog named Joe, it just may be the relaxing and fun atmosphere you need.

Patti and Peter began their campground around 17 years ago and work hard to bring the most memorable experience to everyone who stays with them. There are many trails to explore, a swimming hole to cool off from the warm Manitoba summer days, a campfire to sit around and play music or just sit back and listen, plus many more things to explore.

If camping isn’t your thing you can stay at the Bed and Breakfast in the Lodge, open year-round.    Each morning, you will find Patti in the kitchen at 5:00am preparing breakfast. Inside the Lodge there is a recreational room complete with a ping pong table and other activities for the family.  You can enjoy your morning coffee while the kids have a game of ping pong. A great start to the day!

Outdoor experiences abound.  Avid photographers and hikers alike will enjoy the groomed trails.  Of course, your trip wouldn’t be complete without sighting some wilderness friends.  Many guests report seeing deer and even the reclusive lynx.  Good thing you remembered to bring the camera!

Plenty of other options are available for you.   The man-made lake with sand bottom is great for swimming.  The lake is maintained daily and the water treated to prevent algae.   Small lights around the perimeter create a glowing experience in the water at night.

Poplar Forest has made sure there are activities for children – or the kid in all of us – to enjoy.  There is  a play area equipped with horseshoe pits and plenty of room for a game of badminton or volleyball.  Keep an eye out because soon to come will be playground and a small trout pond, perfect for any little fisherman out there who wants a quick catch.

This campground, with full amenities, is ideal for any type of camper.  It is equipped with outdoor but private showers; a communal washer and dryer; and even a little snack shack so that you can fix your sweet tooth quickly and at any time of the day. They have a working relationship with World of Water in Selkirk so all campers have access to drinking water.  No more dragging along those big water jugs!  Have a craving for a pizza? Frank’s Pizza can be delivered right to your campsite – no more dinner dilemma!


Overall Poplar Forest Lodge and Campground has something for everyone. Patti and Peter want to make sure that every visit is a positive one and all guests have the best experience possible.  They love hearing what their guests have to say and appreciate suggestions, as they are always looking for new ways to improve their facilities.

So, next time you find yourself getting antsy or needing a break from the city, consider Poplar Forest Lodge and Campground. After all, they are practically right in your backyard.


Happy Camping!