Notable Early St. Andrews Families

Are you interested in learning more about the history of St. Andrews, Manitoba? The Gaynor Family Regional Library has put together some extensive research regarding notable St. Andrews families located on the scenic Red River Road by lot.  Visit the River Road Lots page for more information. 

Historical Tours

Experienced historical interpreters are available for bus groups coming to the region. A guide will meet your bus and conduct a tour of the area, highlighting the fascinating history of the Red River North region. The itinerary will be customized for your group.


Take a step through history as you visit a number of different and unique museums in the area. Enjoy the Marine Museum in Selkirk, the East Beaches Heritage Wing in St. Clements, and the St. Andrews Rectory in St. Andrews. The extensive history of Red River North is here for you to discover!

Historical Sites

Our rich history is waiting to be discovered by you. You can start your journey by visiting some of the many historic sites in the area. Learn about Fur Traders and Aboriginal people at Lower Fort Garry, visit an old church, or even get to know Chuck, the giant Catfish statue in Selkirk. The historical

Area History

One of Manitoba’s most historic regions, the Red River North area offers a panorama of Manitoba history, just 25 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. Historic River Road (#238 just 15 minutes north of Winnipeg’s Perimeter off Hwy #9) follows the beautiful Red River. Along this former ox cart trail, one can visit sites and learn about