Gypsy Traders – It’s Worth the Trip!

Gypsy Traders – It’s Worth the Trip!

article by Heather Bailey – Tourism Coordinator, Red River North Tourism

Gypsy Traders is a local business, owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, Anita Schefchyk and Anna Massey.  It all began in 2015, with a few select items scattered throughout Benjamin’s Restaurant, available for purchase. In 2017, when Benjamin’s closed, Gypsy Traders found their permanent location at 238 Manitoba Avenue in Selkirk, Manitoba.  The shop is easy to locate and there is ample parking nearby.

The shop was born out of a love of antiques and creativity.  Mom Anita is a huge antiques fan and Anna can usually be found painting, up-styling, and over-hauling furniture.  They both love the chase:  hunting and picking through items, to find the perfect treasure.

Gypsy Traders fulfills a niche market – Millennials who have inherited furniture, too dark in colour for their taste, and others who were looking for that special item to fill a specific space in their home.  Gypsy Traders sells Country Chic, a Canadian environmentally friendly paint line and will teach you how to paint distressed furniture or they will happily do it for you.

In addition to antiques, they also carry local crafts; you can find Handmade moccasins, Coal and Canary candles, Antler Shed Jewelry, Amanda Lee Creations, Sagewick and Willow Artisans. (are these all brand names? Any that aren’t should not be capitalized those that are should be in italics) Gypsy Traders is proud to support local artisans. They do not take goods on consignment, rather, they purchase them for resale.

You will find that inventory moves fast: what was there last week is likely not to be found this week, and because things are one of kind, if you don’t buy it right away it will be gone.

During the pandemic, as a response to closure, Anna created Feature Friday.  It started on Good Friday, April 7th and has been going strong every Friday since. It is now a signature re-occurrence for Gypsy Traders.  Every Friday starting at 10 am, twelve to fifteen items will be posted on their Facebook Page “The Gypsies”, the first person to comment with ‘take it’ has bought the item pending e-transfer, for pick up at the store.

Gypsy Traders inventory is unique, with many one of a kind items, always of good quality.  They believe in up-styling or painting furniture but they are not a repair shop so they do not trade in broken furniture.  If you are looking for that special item, give them a call. They will add you to their ‘big book’ and when they come across what you are looking for they will give you a call to see if you are still interested.  As well, many people contact Gypsy Traders if they are selling something or have an estate to divest of. You can give them a call if you don’t know what to do with that certain item, they can give you suggestions as how to proceed.

Gypsy Traders also offers classes on how to paint distressed furniture and various home arts such as Braided or Rag Rugs, Junk Journals and many more.

Gypsy Traders is open four days a week: (state them here) Check them out on Facebook at ‘The Gypsies’ or on Instagram at ‘The Gypsy_Traders’ Things change weekly so check their sites often.

Not from Selkirk?  Make a day of it!  You can have lunch across the street at Roxie’s or other local restaurants and check out some other local shops down Main Street or Manitoba Avenue.  It’s all Right Here in the Red River North.