Give up my turkey bait!

Hi fishers, our friends have given us some really great angling stories this past week, enjoy!

The sand on Gimli’s Willow Island beach was cool on Sandy’s bare feet in the still early evening. A slight lady, her short brown hair fell on either side of her delicate face. Her gaze cast east across the glass-like water that reflected the weakening sun at her back.  Beside her, her son, David Sykes, a thin yet soon to be a full grown man whipped a fishing line out in hopes of catching tomorrows’ lunch.  He sat back in his folding chair beside his mother taking in the sight of pelicans splashing into the water not far out.  Lazy tiny lapping waves fell on the shore. Seagulls called to each other as they flew overhead. David touched his line, “feeling” for a fish nibbling just as his grandfather, David in Lac du Bonnet, had taught him.  He tensed as he felt a tugging tremble then a tearing away of his line. He tightened his reel tension to match whatever had taken his baited hook.  Without a word Sandy rose making space for David to play his fish.  All the hints and tips his grandfather had given him over the years came racing forward in his mind.  When the fish was still he slowly walked backward away from shore drawing the fish closer to the beach.  When it fought he would walk forward reeling in.  So it went time after time until a nice sized jackfish broke water right up at shoreline.  He waded into the water claiming his prize then mother and son collected their belongings and walked up to their house in the cooling evening air.  Thanks for the story Sandy and David.

The Lockport pier happened to be open last Wednesday which is where I had the good fortune to meet Lori Gesell and Kyle Plyschke of Winnipeg.  Lori was one of those exceptional gals who when you’re with her the world gets just a little bit brighter and happier.  Her tied back blond hair complemented her appealing face.  She was in constant motion.  Bursting with enthusiasm Lori gave one of her favorite stories about her son, Jessie, fishing when he was eight years old.  The family had a boat house on the shore of Lee River east of Lac du Bonnet which also served as a cottage.  Once, on a sunny Thanksgiving afternoon, willowy, blond Jessie got the bright idea of going fishing and since he had been enjoying pieces of turkey all day he didn’t see any reason why a fish wouldn’t like it too.  He hated to part with some of his meat but the need to try to catch a fish was greater so he baited his hook with some and down to their small wood pier he went tossing his line in.  Lori was busy in the house doing dishes when suddenly she heard angry shouts from Jessie crying, “give it up, give it up, you give it up!” She rushed out onto the dock to see her son kneeling, straddled over a sixteen inch pickerel grasping it by the head and with gritted teeth was yelling at it.  Perplexed, Lori ran forward lifting her son off the fish telling him one should not abuse fish.  Jessie still upset excitedly complained, “I want my turkey meat mom and he won’t give it back!”  Lori sat down on the little pier cross-legged gathering her son to her and began laughing so hard she was shaking!

There was a stiff north wind coming off the lake at the south beach of Grand Marais last weekend.  I was sitting in my car looking at the three foot high waves pounding the shore when I saw a truck pulling up behind me.  I got out and introduced myself to a very muscular looking fellow, Jeff Armitt, who began taking fishing gear out of the box of his truck.  He talked to me as he worked recalling catching a huge jackfish off the pier at Kenora.  The humorous part was no sooner had he released the one shown here, he caught an even bigger jack.  It was so big a fishing shop owner he knew had to come down to the pier and help him land it.  He took pictures then released the big guy but was surprised to see another angler had taken his “magic” spot when his back was turned!

See you next week, so long for now.