Garden & Art Tour Artists

Meet the talented local artists who will be featured on the Garden & Art Tour.

Dianne Lund

Dianne loves to create art pieces in many different mediums, adding rustic items including barn board, metals, driftwood and rocks to create unique one-of-a-kind artwork. She started painting in 1975 in oils and then developed her own style in watercolours, acrylics, and fabric art. She will be in Boreal Shores Art Tour August 17/18, and her 17th year in then Manitoba Art Expo October 25, 26, 27 at the Assiniboine Downs. You can contact Diane at or 204-369-5477.



Denise LeBleu

“If these photographs have a mission, it is this: to stir up emotions from scenes of Canada’s High Arctic, the Canadian Prairies and of places I have traveled.”

Denise was born and raised in Carman, Manitoba, in 2010 she moved to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut and in 2019 returned to her home province. Her passion started in high school when her graphic arts teacher introduced her to the world of photography. Denise’s love of nature and the outdoors inspires her to capture the beauty around her.

Denise’s work can be found in many private collections across Canada and the United States of America and in The Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, Manitoba and The Golden Prairie Arts Council and Gallery in Carman, Manitoba.

You can contact Denise at or on her website here. 

Sandra Klowak

Sandra weaves and sculpts with human hair, based on the historic craft of Victorian hairwork, which exploded in popularity during the 1800s.  Hairwork was used to memorialize the dead as well as to celebrate friendship, kinship and romantic bonds between the living.

Sandra is fascinated by art and artefacts made from organic matter, like hairwork, that have survived as tangible chunks of history, connecting us to the past lives of real people.

She is a strong supporter of historic museums and buildings, serving 3.5 years on the board of Friends of Lower Fort Garry, and now sitting on the board of Seven Oaks House and Ross House museums. Sandra lives in Winnipeg (Treaty 1) with her husband, daughter and two cats.

See her work and info on custom hairwork orders at or get in touch at

Courtney Jensen

Courtney Jensen was born (and for a short time raised) in Alberta. She then moved and started school in Manitoba and then graduated in 2012. After graduation she moved to Winnipeg to study Theatre Design at the University of Winnipeg.

Since high school, Jensen has had a passion and interest in the arts. In Grade 11 she picked up a brush and tried painting for the first time. The painting was a simple cloudy sky with trees and grass but what it brought to her was much more than simple. She would continue to paint and develop her skills.

Now she is developing her drawing skills and exploring new mediums and medias. You can find her here:

Jan Dornian

Jan grew up on a farm near Souris, Manitoba, with an ongoing curiosity of nature’s plants and critters.

As an adult, melding metal became a passion after she decided to learn how to make metal focal points for her gardens.

While living in Regina she took evening classes at SIAST Technical College.  Later, after a move back to Manitoba, she enrolled in metal fabrication class at the Winnipeg Industrial Skills Training Center.

With nature as a focal point, creations range from table top sculptures to 8 foot tall moose or Sasquatch, wolves and bears.

Steel Your Art Away Studio is located near Lockport, Manitoba, Canada – call to arrange a visit when you’re in that neighbourhood.

The art is also present at Bulrushes Gallery on Kernstead Road, Winnipeg Beach, Pulse Gallery at the Johnson Terminal at The Forks, Mainly Manitoba at Wasagaming Clear Lake.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor metal art pieces, Steel Your Art Away does commission work, awards and trophies.

Jan is always open to exploring the creation of custom pieces too so give her poke at or text/call to 204-481-1155.

Bev Hart

Bev Hart, originally from small-town Alberta, now resides in beautiful Selkirk, Manitoba, where she enjoys pursuing her passion for art. From her early years quilting, sewing and sketching, Bev has always enjoyed being creative.

Since Bev’s husband bought her a set of acrylic paints in the 1990’s, Bev has enjoyed experimenting with new painting techniques, colours and styles.

Her art studio glows with her whimsical artistry: flowers and birds, dancing girls with big hats and long dresses, girls riding bikes through enchanted countrysides, and more abstract designs.

Bev’s art has been displayed at the Gwen Fox Gallery and the Gaynor Library in Selkirk, as well as in various other venues in and around Winnipeg.

(Written by Susan Berry, 2019, Selkirk)

Patricia Anderson

Patricia creates images of rural Manitoba is kiln formed glass and fibre.  She used a variety of techniques to produce beautiful landscapes.  She also creates glass bowls and vessels using a kiln and felted vessels and 3D art using felted wool.

Her glass includes garden art as she is an avid gardener.  Patricia started exhibiting in acrylic landscapes but when she discovered glass and later felted wool her mediums changed but her vision remained the same.

Her work is featured in private collections in the Caribbean, Canada, U.S.A  and Scotland and she has exhibited and won many awards in Manitoba.

Patricia also teaches felted landscapes and flowers to children and adults.  She can be contacted at or 204-479-0839. You can connect on facebook at

Tanis Bannister

Tanis was born in Winnipeg and presently resides in St. Andrews, Manitoba. Encouraged by her mother, Tanis has created artwork throughout her life. Having grown up on the Prairies and spending her childhood summers in the Interlake, Tanis is influenced by the colours and patterns of nature.

Instruction for pottery skills was gained from highly respected Winnipeg potter, Valerie Metcalfe of Stoneware Gallery. Further knowledge came by in depth study of glazes and firing. Tanis has participated in raku, paper clay, watercolour, brushstroke and glaze workshops.

Tanis endeavours to create pottery that will stand the test of time and bring pleasure along with function. A concept that seems so simple but is so complex when you are using earth, water and fire!

Working with clay has been a gratifying and humbling experience. Pottery has taught me patience and perseverance. It has been a wondrous and magical journey of learning and growing and stretching my imagination with this medium.

Mary Leskiw

I was born in 1959 in Winnipeg to Ukrainian immigrant parents. Raised in Winnipeg and from a young age my father taught me respect and love for nature!

Moving in 1990 to St. Andrews, on acreage, I was thrilled and inspired by the beauty and wildlife around me. I shared this beauty with my two sons Damon and Daniel, who grew up in St. Andrews.

I am a Truck Transport Mechanic by trade, and work for the City of Winnipeg. My spare time is dedicated to painting and wildlife photography. I use my photography as reference, inspiration and ideas for my artwork.

I am self-taught and was influenced by my love of animals and nature around me. From a young age I fell in love with nature and started drawing animals and birds on any spare piece of paper I could find. In my 20’s I graduated to painting on canvas and by age 40 my husband Gerry, influenced and encouraged me to become serious about my art work. My husband introduced me to Winnipeg artist Ken Forbister, who not only helped me become more dedicated to detail and colour but challenged and encouraged me to pursue my artwork. I thank him for that!

Sketching and painting on canvas, birds and animals were generally my choice, and now have expanded to pet portraits, soap stone carving, chainsaw carving, pumpkin carvings, drawing on rocks and scrimshaw.

My medium at present is acrylic. I paint mainly on Masonite board or canvas.

I have donated my art work to many fundraisers, such as; black bear and cougar sanctuaries in the United States and Manitoba Wildlife Federation. I am honoured to have much of my artwork in many parts of the world.

Riverside Grill

Dan Patzer built the restaurant in 1949 and ran it until 1994, a whopping 45 years!  After a three-year closure, it was reopened by Dan’s son and his wife who ran the restaurant until 2011. The unique thing about the restaurant is that the fifties feel is real due to many features being original such as the booths, counter and stools, which were preserved through renovations. The iconic feel attracts Hollywood and filmmakers; the Riverside Grill has been featured in many films and some TV series over the years including the recent Burden of Truth. In 2012 Inclusion Selkirk heard that the Grill was being sold they recognized the opportunity to open a social enterprise within an iconic building that had been part of the community for as long as most people could remember. Please visit us for lunch and know that by eating at the Riverside Grill you are helping to build an inclusive community one meal at a time.

Riverside Grill has been used for Movie shoots, TV Shows and other broadcast over the years due to old time diner vibes.

Oscardo Products Sales support Canadian and First Nation Artists

Since 2003, Oscardo has partnered with Canadian and First Nations Artists to create authentic and distinctive products. We work hard to make sure each product represents the original artwork by having them approved by the artist or the estate before production.

Through our products, we are supporting the Canadian and First Nations art communities. Royalty is paid to the artist or their estates for each product sold. Available at Community Threads and Riverside Grill.

Amanda Onchulenko

Amanda Onchulenko is a Canadian and Australian citizen, a painter and textile artist and now, new author. Amanda has maintained a studio practice in Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District since 2001, where she spends school hours in a 100 plus year old building painting in words and colour. Colour provides the vehicle for a journey beginning with landscape that evolves through process to become a suggestion of place. A document of where one is informed by where one is from.

The relationships and reactions of colour within a composition, regardless of media, are the focus of all production. Amanda says the remnants of her Australian accent can often be a challenge to communication in conversation; however, she is never misunderstood as a colourist.

“Colour quiets me, colour lets me sing. It is my language, in all its affectations, of nuance, of syntax, of pronunciation. My voice is moist clear in colour”