Fishing in St. Clements

It’s been a long, cold few months, but in true Manitoba fashion this hasn’t stopped anglers from hitting the ice while battling the frigid temperatures.

The final month of the season is upon us and it’s always an exciting time. Anglers from near and far will be eager to experience Lake Winnipeg’s “March Madness” with the chance of catching a legendary monster “greenback” walleye.

With recent snow, access to Lake Winnipeg has been difficult with only track vehicles and snowmobiles recommended at times. Conditions change almost daily so if you’re trying to access by truck, be sure you are prepared and have safety equipment packed in case you get stuck. This would include recovery straps and shovels. Driving in pairs or convoys is advised.

Ice cutting has already commenced on the Red River and crews will be making their way south towards Selkirk. Notices have already been placed on shacks in the immediate affected areas. All other shacks on the river must be removed by March 10th with the remainder of the south division by March 31st which includes Lake Winnipeg.

The ice fishing season closes on April 1 in the south division and re-opens May 11. If you wish to contact David, he can be reached by email at

By: David Obirek