Cynthia Boehm – Cree Artist

An interview with Cynthia Boehm – Cree Artist

Article and video by Heather Bailey

Cynthia practices the art form of her ancestors – Beadwork.  Beadwork was always part of her community and family home, something that she had always wanted to learn and once she took her first workshop, she fell in love. Cynthia says that “Beadwork is an art form I am very proud of it as it honours and respects the gift that was passed down through generations and has great meaning to me.”  Through beadwork, she celebrates her ancestors and Cree culture by learning the old style traditions.

Cynthia appreciates the different styles and types and had always wanted to learn the style portrayed in the picture below.  The first style portrayed below is referred to as “pointed toe” moccasins, made with smoked home tan deer hide, both of her grandmothers made this style and were the more common moccasin style before the rounded toe moccasins (second pair pictured).

This beaded art mask was commissioned by Glasgow Museums Resource Centre in Scotland (permanent collection of GMRC) this past summer 2020. This commission was extremely meaningful to Cynthia; her great grandfather came from Scotland in the mid 1800s to Canada.  He originally came to work for the Hudson Bay Company at York Factory and after marrying settled in Norway House with his family where her family home remains today.


Here is a cropped edit of the award winning piece from the Manitoba Society of Artists OJCE 2018 that was awarded first place in the overall show.

Follow this link and visit Red River North Tourism YouTube channel to see the full interview as Cynthia describes her art form.   What beautiful pieces from such a talented artist.  It’s All Right Here!

YouTube Video of Interview