Find a Mural

Red River North Tourism has created a map of all the murals. Here is an example of our favorite; Use the link to visit several or all – take a picture and post it on social media – don’t forget to tag us.    

Bob’s Blog Contest

Now I ask You… Twenty Questions About Bob’s Blogs One of the effects of the Covid Pandemic has been an increase in the number of people taking what have been called “staycations”: vacations at home, or at least in their home area, or province. In his first blog back in 2018, Bob referred to Rick

Kathy Freeman, Soap Stone Sculptor

Kathy Freeman is a soap stone sculptor, who resides in St. Andrews, Mb. Heather Bailey, RRNT, Tourism Coordinator, came across Freman’s sculptures, while looking at pictures of the winning artists of the Interlake Juried Art Show. After you read all about Freeman, head over to RRNT’s YouTube channel to meet her and see pictures of

Cynthia Boehm – Cree Artist

An interview with Cynthia Boehm – Cree Artist Article and video by Heather Bailey Cynthia practices the art form of her ancestors – Beadwork.  Beadwork was always part of her community and family home, something that she had always wanted to learn and once she took her first workshop, she fell in love. Cynthia says

Kari Klassen of Ant + Oak and the Hummingbird Project

A sit down with Kari Klassen – the force behind Hummingbird Project and Ant + Oak an article by Heather Bailey Kari Klassen’s first venture was Hummingbird Project, inspired during her first round of chemotherapy. As she was leaving a chemo treatment, she and her husband Dallas were given a list of items she would

Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Club

A Paddle for Everyone An article written by: Hope Pochinko, Red River North Tourism Summer Coordinator Selkirk is full of things to do. Whether you enjoy field sports, shopping, or even just sightseeing: there’s something for everyone. Would you prefer to be on the water? Then I have the perfect activity for you. Through July

Riverboat Restaurant and Lounge

Article written by: Hope Pochinko The Riverboat located on Main Street and Eaton is a family restaurant owned by Doug Pourier, the restaurant opened in 1976, at that time, Doug worked as a cook for the previous owners. Throughout the years he worked his way up to management and finally in 1988 became the owner

Olive Lillie

Olive Lillie – February 19, 1930 – July 7, 2018 an article by Heather Bailey During the Advent Service at St Peter Dynevor this past Christmas a plaque donated by Interlake Memorial Services was unveiled in honor of Olive Lillie. Olive was born and raised in Selkirk and spent her entire life giving back to

Bird Watching in the Red River North Region

an article by Heather Bailey As winter turns to spring, before the snow and the cold retreat the sky becomes filled with skeins of geese and each day brings more and more. Spring is coming! Then as fall starts to creep in and the weather turns cooler first the nights, then the days, the sky

Inclusion Selkirk

Inclusion Selkirk an article by Heather Bailey The mid 1950’s conjures up images of a simpler time: poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and soda shops; but for a group of mothers in rural Manitoba it was anything but simple. “Diversity” and “inclusion” were not words in common usage at the time.  Mothers of children with special

Gypsy Traders – It’s Worth the Trip!

Gypsy Traders – It’s Worth the Trip! article by Heather Bailey – Tourism Coordinator, Red River North Tourism Gypsy Traders is a local business, owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, Anita Schefchyk and Anna Massey.  It all began in 2015, with a few select items scattered throughout Benjamin’s Restaurant, available for purchase.

Pelicans – Our Large Friendly Neighbours

Our Large Friendly Neighbours Hope Pochinko, Red River North Tourism Summer Coordinator  Imagine this: you’re at the Selkirk Waterfront, watching the river stream by when a large white bird flies across your view of the water. You know the name of the bird the second you see it: a pelican. However, I bet you don’t

Poplar Forest and Campground

A Getaway Right In Your Backyard Hope Pochinko, Summer Coordinator, Red River North Tourism Summer is a more leisurely time for families to bond and to enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a time for memories to be made to hold close for years to come, to get connected to nature, and refill your vitamin D

Canadian Birch Company Ltd

Canadian Birch Company article by Heather Bailey Today, the Canadian Birch Company Ltd., owned and operated by Glenda and Rory Hart, is a successful provider of locally produced, distinctly flavoured, gourmet birch syrup. The company began, however, somewhat inauspiciously! When it came time for their family to settle down after several relocations, the Hart’s found