Sharing the Catch of the Day

Photo: Ron Iverson, left, Wes Hurd, middle, and Dale Iverson with some of Dale’s catch on the Red River. Hi guys and gals. Man, talk about mowing the lawn one week and cranking up your snowmobile in a ice storm not long after. On the bright side, maybe we’ll be able to go from open

Some people just have all the luck

Photo: Emily Birley with a monster walleye she caught on the Red at the waterfront pier at Selkirk. Welcome, fishing pals. In the last little while, some fishing stories have come to us bearing a humorous similarity about anglers fishing beside each other yet realizing vastly different luck. It was still, sunny and warm on

Local angler shows pity on fisherman friend

Steve Froese of Altona with a trophy walleye he caught by Suger Island on the Red.

Welcome to my fishing pals. It seems our first cool snap and snow has spurred many of us on to getting our winter fishing gear ready. It’s only human nature to be apprehensive about the coming winter so let me and a new young fishing friend of ours, Dallas Morrisseau of Lac du Bonnet get