Fishing fun

There’s a narrow outlet called Drunken Creek by Silver Harbor on the southwest side of Lake Winnipeg.  Oh, the new home owners in the area would probably want the creeks’ name changed to something nicer but the families who settled the place scoff at the idea. Well, that’s where I wound up early last week

When a fish comes, you jump on it!

Welcome folks. The clear, sun filled sky seemed in tune with the great feeling I had last Wednesday as I walked onto the bridge over the Brokenhead River to once again meet with my Ojibway friends for their summer fishing derby.  I noticed long time councilor Winston Desjarlais was working his rod and as I

Never believe the practical joker when it comes to fishing!

Welcome my friends. The heat of late summers’ unrelenting sun and dry wind lately has driven the fish to deeper, colder waters which meant our anglers, regardless of the fishing spot, generally have been going home empty handed.  That was unacceptable to Art Reimer of Winnipeg who I met fishing with his friend “Mike” off

Who owns that fish?

Hi guys and gals. There was no reason to think our camper-angler friends at Norris Lake wouldn’t give us an entertaining fishing story when I was there last weekend until I got side tracked by a lovable loon. I idled slowly through the dusty gravel lanes stopping occasionally to talk fishing with folks and almost

Give up my turkey bait!

Hi fishers, our friends have given us some really great angling stories this past week, enjoy! The sand on Gimli’s Willow Island beach was cool on Sandy’s bare feet in the still early evening. A slight lady, her short brown hair fell on either side of her delicate face. Her gaze cast east across the

In search of new fishing spots

Hi, thanks for dropping by. With the coming of summer, the urge to travel far and wide in search of new fishing waters captures our imagination. It was no surprise that when I visited with folks around Lake Winnipeg’s south basin last week their unusual stories took us to unfamiliar places. On a perfect sunny

“Here, I’ll show you how to cast!”

Hi guys and gals. I wanted to find us some different fishing stories somewhere along the Winnipeg River last Thursday and thought the pier in Lac du Bonnet might be a pretty good bet.  The warm, sunny fresh morning was beginning to bring the sun bathers out to the sandy beach that lay before the

A Fisherman’s Luck

Photo: Local commercial fishermen Reney Thomes and Carmen of Belair lift their nets while dealing with a developing crack in the ice of Lake Winnipeg. Welcome friends. I’m always impressed with folks when faced with challenges, stay calm taking things as they come and end up in pretty good shape. Such a man is Bill

Who says you have to be quiet when fishing?

Photo: Jakob Kuzniak of Selkirk with his catch from the Red River. Hi fellow fishers. In a haze of floating snow urged about by a cool breeze last Saturday I rolled over the flat ice pack on Lake Winnipeg’s south basin. Houses and trees on the Matlock shore shrank to dark lines in my rear

Fishing with family and friends

Photo: A large group of family and friends from Stonewall with some of their catch on Shoal Lake. From left to right, back  row, Matt Chamaillard, Shaunne Precourt, Paul Breland, Marc Chamaillard, Phil Soroka and Joe St. Laurent;  front row, Nickolas Soroka, Jocelyn Chamaillard, Emily Chamaillard and Amanda Chamaillard.   To everyone who loves fishing

Another tale about the fish that got away

Photo: Dennis Barchuk of Belair with a nice eating pickerel just caught. Hello again fishing buddies. It’s hard not to make some reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz when I share a story given to us from the folks at Belair. Belair is on the east side of Lake Winnipeg where the road onto

Fishing shirtless in the tropics of Lake Winnipeg

Our shirtless guys on the Red River where Tyler landed the fish with a flik of his foot, left to right, Travis Noble, Jack Campbell, Tyler Dusanek and Drew Richards all of Winnipeg. What a great bunch of fun loving guys. Welcome fellow outdoors enthusiasts. I guess it was last Tuesday when I urged “old

Baiting fish with jellybeans

Photo: Stephanie, Guy Darrens’ wife, with a pickerel she caught on Dauphin Lake. Hi folks. Last week my instincts told me it was time to visit anglers on Gull Lake and Shoal Lake, which are known for great perch fishing. The grey, cool, breezy day seemed to have little affect on some folks at Gull

Four-legged thieves have to eat

Photo: Chris Passalis of Winnipeg with some of his pickerel catch caught on the Red River by the Selkirk Park. Hi outdoor buddies. I hope you survived the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities. Happily, the good times continue with humorous fishing stories our fellow anglers have offered for our pleasure. A light breeze sent

Winter fun and ice fishing have begun

Photo: Curt Bayak with a pickerel he caught standing on front of his and Terry Roth’s rental shacks. Hi gang. On New Year’s Eve, we celebrate the hope for better things to come. In our world of winter outdoor sport, two young guys at Sunset Beach bay just south of Grand Marais are making things

A Bombardier to the rescue

Photo: John Klassen, left, and son Kyle Klassen with some of their pickerel catch by Sugar Island on the Red. Seasons greetings, everyone! This is our time of year when we share love in all its ways as well as helping others in need. It reveals the best in us. The stories that have been

Sharing the Catch of the Day

Photo: Ron Iverson, left, Wes Hurd, middle, and Dale Iverson with some of Dale’s catch on the Red River. Hi guys and gals. Man, talk about mowing the lawn one week and cranking up your snowmobile in a ice storm not long after. On the bright side, maybe we’ll be able to go from open

Some people just have all the luck

Photo: Emily Birley with a monster walleye she caught on the Red at the waterfront pier at Selkirk. Welcome, fishing pals. In the last little while, some fishing stories have come to us bearing a humorous similarity about anglers fishing beside each other yet realizing vastly different luck. It was still, sunny and warm on

Fishing in the ponds proves to be rewarding

Photo: Dan Dooly, left, and Tyler Booner with two Tiger Trout caught at the ponds north of Lac du Bonnet. Express photo submitted. Hi. Thanks for stopping for a moment to enjoy a few fishing stories our buddies have been kind enough to share. Time and again lately, I have stopped by the Ponds north of

Local angler shows pity on fisherman friend

Welcome to my fishing pals. It seems our first cool snap and snow has spurred many of us on to getting our winter fishing gear ready. It’s only human nature to be apprehensive about the coming winter so let me and a new young fishing friend of ours, Dallas Morrisseau of Lac du Bonnet get