Instant Win(e) Cellar Winners!

The winning tickets for the Instant Wine Cellar were drawn on December 30th. The raffle was presented by Red River North Tourism in conjunction with Holiday Alley and intended to both raise funds and draw public attention to efforts to reopen Kennedy House on River Road in St Andrews. The Instant Wine Cellar collected 245

Row, Row, Row Your Boats…

Red River North Tourism was pleased to be a premiere sponsor of the Red River Paddle Challenge on Saturday, September 26th. Sixty-two participants paddled the 45km (28mi) course. The race had a staggered start, with the entrants leaving St. Vital Park beginning at 9:36am and paddling to The Half Moon Drive In at Lockport. The

New Resident Contest

Are you new to the area? Have you just moved to St. Andrews, St. Clements, or the City of Selkirk? If so, you are eligible to enter our contest! We are giving away the chance to win a tour of the area! Three families will be chosen. (no more than 4 per family) Just tell

Gardening Tips and Tricks

Gardening Tips and Tricks article by Heather Bailey Mick Manfield, a certified square foot gardener and a previous garden exhibitor in the Garden and Art tour had this advice for the beginning gardeners: The easiest way for a non- gardener to start out is to buy a pre-filled container already planted, some may contain cucumbers

Mural, Mural, On the Wall

Now that the “lockdown” has come to an end, or at least we are being afforded a few more freedoms in our everyday living, I thought I should get busy writing about all the tourist attractions we have here in Red River North. So, do I invite everybody to this summer’s rodeo? Nope, it’s cancelled

Women and Fishing – Courtlyn Suszko

Women and Fishing – Courtlyn Suszko article by Heather Bailey Courtlyn Suszko is a local resident, born and raised in the Red River North area, so it is no surprise that her passion is for the outdoors.  It happens to be our good fortune that she chooses to share it with us. In 2017, Courtlyn

Duncan McRae

Duncan McRae article by Heather Bailey Some 170,000 Scots crossed the Atlantic between 1815 and 1870, roughly 14 per cent of the total British migration of this period. Included in that number were the Highlanders brought to the Red River Colony by the Earl of Selkirk.  In 1811, Thomas Douglas, the 5th Earl of Selkirk,

Twenty Reasons in 2020

I have said so many times that there are countless reasons to spend time in Red River North. For my first offering of the new year, I thought it fitting to give 20 of the main reasons that I have said this. A good friend, (who is more energetic than I), suggested that I give

Two Hours of Reasons

By: Bob Turner Got a couple of hours to spare to get an overview of the history of Selkirk, St. Andrews and St. Clements? Well, why not take the Selkirk & Area Heritage Tour. This driving tour offers you a view of over 30 historically significant features of Red River North. Although that may sound

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Looking to get away from it all, and spend a couple of hours close to nature, in a unique setting, enjoying the sounds and sights of a wild, untouched part of Manitoba? Then take a walk on The Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail. The boardwalk winds through the trees This self-guided nature trail features 1.5 km.

A New Library…A New Vision

CHAPTER 7 A New Library… A New Vision, By: Bob Turner Jim and Betty Anne Gaynor donated $ 1.5 million to the construction of a new library on condition that funding from the City of Selkirk, the Rural Municipalities of St. Clements and St. Andrews, and the Province of Manitoba was in place, and that

Reading Between the Lines

By Bob Turner INTRODUCTION This time around, my reason for you to visit Red River North may have some of you puzzled, because it’s likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of tourism, or visiting a  city or area of our province. The attraction I am referring to? The Gaynor

Reasons to Remember

By: Bob Turner April 9th is an important date in Canadian history, and in the history of Red River North. Why? It is the 102nd anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge, a turning point in World War I, and the event that is often referred to as the time when Canada “came of age”.

Fishing in St. Clements

It’s been a long, cold few months, but in true Manitoba fashion this hasn’t stopped anglers from hitting the ice while battling the frigid temperatures. The final month of the season is upon us and it’s always an exciting time. Anglers from near and far will be eager to experience Lake Winnipeg’s “March Madness” with

Moving Reasons #2

My last blog introduced the factors that motivated my wife Cynthia and I to move to the Red River North. I’m finally getting around to the second reason the region appealed to us: the abundance of historical attractions. River Road Heritage Parkway is a scenic drive through the making of Manitoba. Some of the most

Moving Reasons

By Bob Turner My first offering for 2019 is not a moving story, but it is a piece about moving. Why Selkirk?  Two years ago this month, my wife Cynthia and I moved to our home in St. Andrews, just on the fringe of Selkirk. Time and again, we have been asked why we chose

Get Me to the Church on Time

If you are interested in seeing interesting old buildings, the many historic churches in Red River North should be on your bucket list.
This past summer, I decided to check out a few, and was amazed at the number of well-built, well-preserved structures there are.

Fishing Blogs

Red River North is one of the most popular spots in the world to catch master catfish and greenback walleye (or pickerel, as we call them in Canada). Learn tips and tricks from local fishing enthusiast, tournament angler and member of the Central Walleye Trail (CWT) David Obirek and from local angler and yarn-spinner Arnie

A Grand Community

In August, I decided to explore the northern-most part of Red River North. So with my wife and mother-in-law in tow, I headed up Highway 59 to Grand Marais, which is just 45 km north of Selkirk on Lake Winnipeg.

Tournament Time

Girl and fish

The leaves are changing colour, the days are becoming cooler and the kids are heading back to school. This is a sure sign that fall is here. What this also means is that the best wall-eye fishing on the Red River is quickly approaching.

Ships Ahoy!

To say that our two oldest grandsons are interesting young fellows is an understatement. Elliot and Luke are an unusual mixture: both are into science and technology, and both love history (and not just the war part, although that is a large part of it).

Feeding Time

Since moving to the Selkirk area, I have been astounded by the number of pelicans here. From our sunroom window, we have an excellent view of the Red River, and I have watched with fascination as flocks of these birds scout for fish in the river below.

Red River Reasons

RED RIVER REASONS By Bob Turner I am a relative newcomer to Red River North, having moved to the Selkirk area a year ago.There were a number of reasons why my wife and I decided to retire here: First and foremost was the fact we have family living near Lockport and in north-east Winnipeg. But

Fishing fun

There’s a narrow outlet called Drunken Creek by Silver Harbor on the southwest side of Lake Winnipeg.  Oh, the new home owners in the area would probably want the creeks’ name changed to something nicer but the families who settled the place scoff at the idea. Well, that’s where I wound up early last week

Who owns that fish?

Hi guys and gals. There was no reason to think our camper-angler friends at Norris Lake wouldn’t give us an entertaining fishing story when I was there last weekend until I got side tracked by a lovable loon. I idled slowly through the dusty gravel lanes stopping occasionally to talk fishing with folks and almost

Give up my turkey bait!

Hi fishers, our friends have given us some really great angling stories this past week, enjoy! The sand on Gimli’s Willow Island beach was cool on Sandy’s bare feet in the still early evening. A slight lady, her short brown hair fell on either side of her delicate face. Her gaze cast east across the

In search of new fishing spots

Hi, thanks for dropping by. With the coming of summer, the urge to travel far and wide in search of new fishing waters captures our imagination. It was no surprise that when I visited with folks around Lake Winnipeg’s south basin last week their unusual stories took us to unfamiliar places. On a perfect sunny

A Fisherman’s Luck

Photo: Local commercial fishermen Reney Thomes and Carmen of Belair lift their nets while dealing with a developing crack in the ice of Lake Winnipeg. Welcome friends. I’m always impressed with folks when faced with challenges, stay calm taking things as they come and end up in pretty good shape. Such a man is Bill

Fishing with family and friends

Photo: A large group of family and friends from Stonewall with some of their catch on Shoal Lake. From left to right, back  row, Matt Chamaillard, Shaunne Precourt, Paul Breland, Marc Chamaillard, Phil Soroka and Joe St. Laurent;  front row, Nickolas Soroka, Jocelyn Chamaillard, Emily Chamaillard and Amanda Chamaillard.   To everyone who loves fishing

Baiting fish with jellybeans

Photo: Stephanie, Guy Darrens’ wife, with a pickerel she caught on Dauphin Lake. Hi folks. Last week my instincts told me it was time to visit anglers on Gull Lake and Shoal Lake, which are known for great perch fishing. The grey, cool, breezy day seemed to have little affect on some folks at Gull

Four-legged thieves have to eat

Photo: Chris Passalis of Winnipeg with some of his pickerel catch caught on the Red River by the Selkirk Park. Hi outdoor buddies. I hope you survived the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities. Happily, the good times continue with humorous fishing stories our fellow anglers have offered for our pleasure. A light breeze sent

A Bombardier to the rescue

Photo: John Klassen, left, and son Kyle Klassen with some of their pickerel catch by Sugar Island on the Red. Seasons greetings, everyone! This is our time of year when we share love in all its ways as well as helping others in need. It reveals the best in us. The stories that have been

Sharing the Catch of the Day

Photo: Ron Iverson, left, Wes Hurd, middle, and Dale Iverson with some of Dale’s catch on the Red River. Hi guys and gals. Man, talk about mowing the lawn one week and cranking up your snowmobile in a ice storm not long after. On the bright side, maybe we’ll be able to go from open

Some people just have all the luck

Photo: Emily Birley with a monster walleye she caught on the Red at the waterfront pier at Selkirk. Welcome, fishing pals. In the last little while, some fishing stories have come to us bearing a humorous similarity about anglers fishing beside each other yet realizing vastly different luck. It was still, sunny and warm on

Local angler shows pity on fisherman friend

Steve Froese of Altona with a trophy walleye he caught by Suger Island on the Red.

Welcome to my fishing pals. It seems our first cool snap and snow has spurred many of us on to getting our winter fishing gear ready. It’s only human nature to be apprehensive about the coming winter so let me and a new young fishing friend of ours, Dallas Morrisseau of Lac du Bonnet get