Bob’s Blog Contest

Now I ask You… Twenty Questions About Bob’s Blogs

One of the effects of the Covid Pandemic has been an increase in the number of people taking what have been called “staycations”: vacations at home, or at least in their home area, or province. In his first blog back in 2018, Bob referred to Rick Mercer’s comment on his last show: “If you can’t make the big trips, make the small trips, in your own back yard. I guarantee you it’s awesome.”

Since more of us will continue to do just that again this summer, we thought we should test your knowledge of Red River North, its highlights and history, with a few questions.   All the correct answers can be found in Bob’s Blogs So, here are a few questions to chew on:

Question 1: 

The locals refer to it as “the bridge to nowhere”. The official name of the bridge over the Red River on Highway #4 just north of Selkirk is:

  1. North Selkirk Bridge                  b.Highway Four Bridge    c.  Peter Dynevor Bridge       d. Red River North Bridge

Question 2: 

Many famous people are buried in the graveyard at St. Andrews on the Red. One of them is the man who scored the first regular season goal for the Winnipeg Jets when they joined the WHA in 1972. His name is:

  1. Terry Sawchuck          b.  Ab McDonald   c. Bobby Hull         d.  Bill Mosienko e.  Joe Simpso

Question 3:

The giant catfish on Main Street in Selkirk promotes the city as The Catfish Capital of Canada, maybe even the world! What is the catfish’s name?

  1. Chad        b.  Claude      c.  Cliff         d. Chuck

Question 4:

The beautiful pelicans that frequent the Red River from Lockport to Selkirk have been nicknamed “The Lockport Airforce”. What kind of pelicans are they?

  1. American White Pelican            b.  Eastern White Pelican            c. Great White Pelicans                                                              d.  American Brown-Bellied Pelican           e.   Pterodactyls

Question 5:

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

  1. Selkirk has the largest solar-powered building in Manitoba.
  2. Selkirk has the largest outdoor pool and splash pool in Manitoba.
  3. Selkirk is the only Manitoba city with no parking meters.
  4. Selkirk has the second-best drinking water in Canada.

 Question 6:

The oldest surviving stone church west of the Great Lakes is found in Red River North. That church is:

  1. Andrews on the Red         b. St. Peter Dynevor           c. Little Britain United Church                                                                     d.  Clements Anglican Church

Question 7:

The Selkirk Fishermen Junior B hockey franchise is the longest running junior hockey team in Canada. What year was it founded?

  1. 1897       b.  1907         c. 1917         d. 1927

Question 8:

There are six ships on display at the Manitoba Marine Museum. The oldest is:

  1. The Lady Canadian        b.   The SS Keenora             c. The Joe Simpson         d.  The CGS Bradbury

Question 9:

A large number of native Manitoba orchids grow in the Brokenhead Wetland Ecological Reserve. How many species are there?

  1. 8               b. 18            c. 28            d. 38

Question 10:

True or False?

In 1917, the Dance Pavilion at Grand Marais was the largest dance hall in the British Commonwealth.

Question 11:

The first Premier of Manitoba, (1870-1871), who was MLA for St. Andrews North, is buried at the St. Andrews on the Red Church cemetery:

  1. John Norquay         b. Douglas Campbell          c. Howard Pawley        d.  Alfred Boyd

Question 12:

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

  1. Selkirk was the home of Manitoba’s second public library.
  2. Just east of Selkirk is the only 90 degree turn in the CPR.
  3. Skinner’s is the oldest hot dog outlet in continuous operation in Canada, having celebrated its 90th birthday in 2019.
  4. Little Britain United Church is the second oldest United Church in Manitoba.

Question 13:

The famous indigenous leader buried at St. Peters Dynevor is:

  1. Chief Poundmaker           b.  Big Bear    c. Chief Peguis         d. Elijah Harper 

Question 14:

Match each of the following Red River North communities with the area of the world where you will find a community with the same name:

  1. Petersfield                    1.  Derbyshire England
  2. Clandeboye                  2.  Scotland
  3. Libau                             3. Hampshire U.K.
  4. Matlock                        4.  Northern Latvia
  5. Selkirk                          5. Western Latvia                                                                                                                                                                                              6. Northern Ireland

Question 15:

The Gaynor Family Regional Library is involved in bibliotourism, one of the latest trends in tourism around the world. What year did this new library officially open its doors?

  1. 2012     b. 2014       c. 2016         d. 2010

Question 16:

Which of these statements about Lake Winnipeg is NOT true?

  1. It is the 11th largest freshwater lake in the world.
  2. It is the 6th largest lake in Canada.
  3. It is the only Canadian lake that drains into the U.S.
  4. It is the 3rd largest lake entirely within Canada.

Question 17:

Which of these statements about Lower Fort Garry (LFG) is NOT true?

  1. Lower Fort Garry was built after the original Fort Garry was destroyed in the 1826 flood.
  2. The Hudson Bay Company ceased operations at the fort in 1911.
  3. The first of the numbered treaties was signed here in 1871 between the government of Canada and the Ojibway and Swampy Cree First Nations.
  4. LFG was used as first training grounds for the North West Mounted Police.
  5. LFG was designated as a national historic site in 1951.
  6. LFG was once used as a penitentiary.

Question 18:

Which one of these statements about The St. Andrews Lock and Dam at Lockport is NOT true?

  1. It is a Camére style dam. At 240 metres long is the largest dam of this type ever built.
  2. It is considered to be the only dam of this type still in existence in the world.
  3. Prime Minister John A. MacDonald officially opened the dam and locks.
  4. The total cost of construction was $3.5 million.
  5. During construction of the dam and locks, special visitors’ excursions ran from Winnipeg to Lockport and back. The cost was 45 cents return and allowed two hours to inspect the project.

Question 19:

Match the following prominent citizens of Red River North with their claim to fame:

  1. Jimmy Skinner                1. prominent Metis lawyer and politician
  2.  Alexa Scott                      2.  MLA Selkirk 1969–1988
  3. Thomas Bunn                  3.  keyboard player for the Canadian rock band Crash Test Dummies
  4. Thomas Douglas             4. his house was also a library
  5. Howard Pawley               5.  Clandeboye speedskater who won Canada’s 1st world junior medal in 12 years
  6. William Prince                6.  the man Selkirk was named after
  7. Ellen Reid                        7.  hockey coach
  8. Donald Gunn                  8.  Indigenous musician

Question 20:

The section of the Red River from just south of Lockport to just north of Selkirk, has the reputation of producing the largest numbers, and size, of which fish?

  1. Walleye    b. Northern Pike      c. Channel Catfish    d. Goldeye     e. Rock Bass  f.  Sauger   g. Sturgeon   h Hammerhead Sharks